Dendroaspis polylepis, Etofylline

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Western Cape Poisons Telephone Service

0861 555 777

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Welcome to AfriTox’s MinTox Poisons Information section

MinTox helps you to identify substances which are not toxic or are very unlikely to cause poisoning if taken once. It does not give you medical advice.

When you search for the name of a substance on our website, MinTox will recognise the name if the substance is not toxic, or hardly toxic at all. If MinTox does not recognise the name, the website will tell you to call the poisons emergency line.

Type in the name of the substance. Check your spelling. Click on the arrow. MinTox will search for the name.

The name which you enter must match a name on our website EXACTLY. It is essential not to confuse substances which have similar names, but are different from one another. If the name you enter does not match a name on MinTox, you will be advised to call the poisons emergency line for advice.

If you are not sure of the name of the substance you have been exposed to, or if it has made you ill, call the poisons emergency line or a healthcare practitioner.